La Monumental

First Prize



Barcelona (Spain)


12.000 m²




Lucía Martínez Rodríguez


Public space


La Monumental is a symbol of Barcelona. Its singular domes, decorated by blue and whites tiles, are part of the sky of the city.


Although the streets from the Ensanche are wide, the buildings are high, so that raised the population density. There, locals and tourists live together. The entire atmosphere is a mixture of the everyday and the unusual.


The beautiful building, built in 1914 in Neo-Mudejar style, has hosted bullfights until a few years ago. This circular, of radius ranging 24 to 48 meters structure geometry, divided into 56 parts, is embedded in a typical rectangular block of the Eixample. Today the city thinks a new use for it.


Central circular space of the old bullring offers a place of calm and rest in the busy junction of Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes and the Marina street. The strategy is open this space to the city. Create a new square.

A diagonal street connects the square with the housing blocks situated in the north and the traffic routes, in the south. Given that, the central space is divided into two parts. In the shadow sector, the front row seats remain, creating an outdoor amphitheatre. Opposite to it, in the sun sector, appears a garden, which covers small shops.


In the low part of the building with access to the street establishments are rented for small offices, workshops, multipurpose spaces … In the top, a museum of two floors overlooks the square.


The idea of ​​creating a place protected by the existing old walls, where people walk, play, rest, visit its services, is the theme of the proposal.

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