Second Skin



Valencia (Spain)


608 m2




Robello arquitectos con Masquetres arquitectos ( y Clara Masiá


Refurbishment, interior design.




Maybe one of the solutions for the current crisis of the architectural sector would be that the professionals put themselves into the map and for that there is nothing better than open their association to the society and attract them by the introduction of new uses like a bar, a bookshop, a notice board and what is more important, a green and quite courtyard. This space will offer to the population as to the members a meeting place where exchange information, where everybody feel at home. The aim is that people enjoy a special corner in the middle of a very busy area in the centre of Valencia; sitting in the sun for a coffee, parking your bike in the shade, reading a book, learning something new about a building, giving their opinion about the constructions around the city or participating in an evening full of activities.


The uses related to the association like the reception, the culture department and the exhibitions area will combine with the new ones to make all work.



We propose to change the way the CTAV connects to its surroundings through the creation of a skin made of illuminated polycarbonate that invites the pedestrian to enter and takes them to the interior courtyard. Also the substitution of part of the tinted glass-façade for others transparent and the open of two more entrances from the street.


This new element will include the reception, the mobile panels for the exhibition, bookshelves and sits for the bookshop and the bar top. The second skin will go up to the first floor to distribute the Culture department, placing the administration, office, the head of the department office and visiting room. It also will conform the relax area and storage. It will go out to the courtyard to cover the construction now there placed ant to build a mobile façade, giving the possibility of open all the frontal surfaces, and roof, where just a few pieces will move to ease the pass of new air, that will also be pushed by large ceiling fans. To avoid the effect of the sun in summer, textile coverage will wrap the inner roof. Mobile partitions will convert a classroom and an assembly spaces into screening rooms and a small auditorium. All the furniture needed will be saved into large mobile-storage. The wood replaced in the old construction will be reused to build that containers, bench and chairs for the courtyard.


The climbing plants invading the common wall, macadam spreading through the slopes, bushes and trees will add a fresh atmosphere to the courtyard, which will become green.

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