Europan 14



La Bazana, Jerez de los Caballeros (BA)


1,75 Ha




Robello arquitectos & Francisco Requena (skrq Skalska+Requena)


Urban Planning


La Bazana is a village that was designed by the architech Alejandro de la Sota as an example of how the Rural Spain fought against its disappear.

The last economic crisis has affected the whole conurbation as it makes that population living near the workplaces (mainly in Jerez de los caballeros) moves themselves to towns like La Bazana, where housing is cheaper.

To recuperate the identity of this rural area and the lack of workplaces near living zones, we propose to provide La Bazana with different productive spaces placed in abandoned areas. The idea is to attract new inhabitants able to introduce innovative activities where current population and new arrivals can work, along a new entrance of water that, together with urban regeneration, enables touristic resources as well.

First, disused spaces are occupied. The building of the Union Brotherhood can be used with small reparations. This gives the chance to convert it easily in an experimental place. Its spaces for work are recovered as training rooms and workshops. There retired population can teach traditional manufacturing of Esparto, Cork, Cold meat, Marmalade, Liquors, etc. to curious visitors (designers, unemployed people, artists, entrepreneurs, etc.).

Public authorities foster neighbours to grow in those squares vegetable gardens irrigated by new water itineraries.

Some of those visitants will become new colonist. Public administration offers them available houses with working spaces in blocks placed between the squares and the main street.

In the Union brotherhood there will be a garden centre, with various species, and a fab-lab, where large tools for craftwork (laser for cutting, 3D printer) are shared. The central area will open to the Main Street.

All these activities can deliver products to sell in thematic fairs that are organized during the year. The Coso will be a place for parallel activities planned (exhibitions, promotional pitches, concerts, etc.) to support fair stands.

To consolidate La Bazana as touristic centre, urban regeneration is crucial. It begins with the main street reorganization, where car and pedestrians share new spaces for relation. The water that enables the productive miracle will guide visitors as a touristic promenade around the village. The old warehouse will be transformed in leisure centre, mainly devoted to public swimming pools.

This process can be repeated in other colonization townships, adapting productive activities to the specific character of each one. Let’s get rural!

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