Wohnen in Potsdam



Potsdam (Alemania)


14.000 m²




Lucía Martínez Rodríguez e Ignacio Galbis Llorens con Javier Martín Fuentes




Potsdam, part of the metropolitan sorroundings of ​​the urban area of Berlin, is a beautiful city on the Havel River. The competition of ideas Schinkel-Wettbewerb gave the task of responding to the fast growing demand for housing in recent years.


The landscape along the shores of the Havel river is varied: dense tree areas, razed margins, historical monuments, urban gardens, industrial heritage. The great attraction of living near the water is the leading thread that accompanies us throughout the project.


A degraded area focuses our actions. A neighborhood deprived of the dignity that gives its centrality, deprived of employment by industrial disuse and deprived of the privilege of being part of the riverbank. For its revitalization we propose three volumes that works respectively as a continuation of Riverwalk (1), as a link with the city center (2) and as a façade to the railroad tracks (3). The three volumes combine the main use of dwelling with offices and small businesses. To get through housing typologies that overlook the water and have crossed orientation, a constant width of 12mm is adopted. Our project will focus on the development of the first volume.

The riverside walk that goes along the places of interest of Potsdam is interrupted in our area of ​​operation by the historic canal of the town. The volume proposed is an elevated promenade that connects the two sides interrupted. Under its green deck appear dwellings with spectacular views of the River Havel.


Boxes of translucent polycarbonate over the promenade resolve the access to the dwellings and create winter gardens. The types proposed vary from 60m² to 140m². The basic module contains a living room, that can be expanded to the winter garden, two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.

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